Become a Client

Becoming a Client at M.C. Thomas & Associates, PC is easy. Simply follow these steps to retain the firm to handle your divorce, child custody or contempt proceeding in the District of Columbia, Virginia or Maryland, and let us do the rest.

Step One. Schedule a Consultation

The first step is to Schedule a Consultation online, by phone or by email. Once you take the first step and contact us, our firm administrator and client care coordinator will guide you through the remainder of the process seamlessly. We know that deciding to engage a divorce and family lawyer feels like a daunting task, one that is not to be taken lightly. Our goal is to alleviate the anxiety and stress surrounding your decision to call a lawyer, and put you at ease, knowing that you made the right decision in calling M.C. Thomas & Associates, PC.

Step Two. Prepare for the Initial Consultation

We believe in being prepared at every step of the process. That’s why we prepare potential clients for the initial consultation by providing them with a Divorce Checklist and/or Child Custody Checklist, or Prenuptial Questionnaire the same day that the consultation is scheduled. Additionally, we encourage potential clients to prepare a list of questions in advance of the consultation. It is important to us that we maximize on the hour that we have together and that all of the potential client’s questions get answered.

Step Three. Complete the Initial Consultation Forms

We do not like wasting time. In order to maximize on the time expended at the consultation, we encourage you to complete the Consultation Form online in advance. As a busy professional, however, you may not have time to complete forms ahead of time. No worries. We will provide the Consultation Form to you upon your arrival and allow you as much time as you need to complete it before meeting with family lawyer and chief divorce strategist, Michelle C. Thomas. We do not believe in ‘nickel and diming’ here, so your consultation time will not begin until after you complete the form and begin consulting with Michelle.

Step Four. Attend the Consultation

It took courage to get to this point in the process. We do not take your decision to choose us lightly. You made the call, scheduled the consultation, and prepared for the meeting with our guidance. Now, all you have to do is come into the office, and let us do the rest. Upon arrival, you will be greeted with friendly, smiling faces, bottled water, and coffee or tea, and healthy snacks. Our goal is to put you at ease and provide as much legal information as possible related to your case so that you leave knowing that your case is in great, highly competent hands.

For your convenience, we have three office locations available for meetings. Meetings via telephone and/or video phone are also available upon request. From the initial consultation through the close of your case, we want you to know that nothing matters more to us than you and your family, and achieving excellent results. Call us today.

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