At M.C. Thomas & Associates, PC, our most important goal is to achieve the best possible result for every client. Here’s a sampling of what our clients and colleagues are saying about our divorce and family law  services:

“Words cannot express the depth of gratitude I have for Michelle C. Thomas and her staff. In a high conflict divorce case, Ms. Thomas’ leadership was calm, strategic, logical, and detail oriented during each phase of my legal case. Her knowledge of the law intertwined with her ability to think clearly and strategize brought winning results, and now my children and I can begin to heal and rebuild our lives again.

It was Michelle Thomas and her team that orchestrated long-term financial security for my children and me, and prioritized not just my well-being but also my kids’. Ms. Thomas applied the right amount and kind of legal pressure to opposing counsel in a way that brought an out-of-control situation to order, compliance and accountability. She has clearly mastered the art and science of how to win a case through her deep understanding of the law combined with her understanding of human behavior and psychology. I am forever grateful to Michelle C. Thomas and her staff. When I had lost hope that I would ever escape the financially controlling and bullying behaviors of my former spouse, Ms. Thomas gave me hope and committed herself to protecting me and my children during a devastating time in my life.

Divorce can be painful, ugly, and bring out the worst in people. With those kinds of emotions in the mix, Ms. Thomas was always professional, devoted, and stable. I will move forward in my life finding ways to help others that face divorce and will always be able to refer to Michelle Thomas and how she saved me and my children.”

~ Catherine, Client

"I want to thank Michelle Thomas and all of her associates from the bottom of my heart for helping me through a very difficult journey. Michelle listened, absorbed every detail, and grasped the entirety of the challenges that I faced. Michelle’s guidance and leadership not only resulted in the restoration of my paternal rights, but also allowed me to spend quality time with my son that I likely never would have been afforded under different circumstances. Her focus, energy, organizational skills, and toughness were on full display in each and every hearing! She poured her heart and soul into my case, and I will be forever grateful to Michelle for her dedication in helping me and my family. Thank you!"

~Derek S., Client

“It is with great pleasure that I endorse Michelle C. Thomas. Michelle provided me with outstanding support and service in a recent Family Law matter. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and she exhibited extraordinary attention to detail as she handled my case. I felt very well taken care of from the time she accepted my case through the time she brought the case to closure. I highly recommend her and her firm.”

~Vernon S., III, MBA, PMP, Client

"Michelle Thomas saved my family. She is unbelievably hard working, hyper-prepared and has an uncanny, encyclopedic knowledge of the law. She once left a conference in Texas — at which she was supposed to receive an award — and flew overnight so she could file a brief and get me into court the next morning. She is careful with costs to the point of obsession. More than anything, she's one hell of a trial lawyer. In my case, she was going up against one of D.C.'s “Top 50” divorce lawyers, a woman who became famous by crushing a well-known sports figure. I was sure I was going to get slaughtered: If a beloved Washingtonian couldn't beat this lawyer, what chance did I have? You should have seen Michelle in action. If she was angry, it never showed. If she was worried, you'd never guess it.

Then it was Michelle's turn to go on the offensive. After one hour of a deposition, the other side's star witness was literally shaking. Michelle never raised her voice. The case settled — on the same terms Michelle offered at the beginning of the litigation. Thanks to Michelle, my kids and I are together again. Last week, we went to the pool together. This past weekend, we made fried chicken and baked a chocolate cake together. We play flashlight tag when it gets dark and “stinky feet” when the sun comes up. We draw and color Spider-Man and Disney princesses and Elmo together, dance to “Purple People Eater” and the Pogues together, snuggle on the couch together, read “Bunnicula” together and watch “Spongebob” or “Monsters vs. Aliens” together."

~Bill M., Client

“Over the course of the past couple of years, I have come to know Michelle well and can personally vouch for her capabilities as a family law attorney. She is immensely talented; yet, she is also practical, well-balanced, and always thoroughly prepared. Unlike many attorneys who only have “one gear,” Michelle has the innate ability to intermingle personal charm with a tiger-like tenacity in furtherance of getting the job done. There simply isn’t a legal battle that she isn’t truly equipped to handle. The best evidence of my endorsement of Michelle as a provider of family law legal services is that I have repeatedly recommended her to my closest friends (and will continue to do so in the future). She is a true gem and a wonderful attorney. Without question, I highly recommend her.”

~H. Scott Johnson, Jr., Managing Member, PCT Law Group, PLLC

“Michelle Thomas is truly an outstanding individual and attorney. She is persistent, detailed, confident and ethical. A few months ago, a very close family friend contacted me regarding a family law matter. I referred the case to Michelle and her outstanding staff at M.C. Thomas & Associates. Needless to say, Michelle did an outstanding job in solving the client's problem. She was very responsive and treated this client with the outmost care and respect. Michelle is my go to attorney for family law and other civil matters in Washington, D.C. and Virginia.”

~Edward Neufville, Managing Attorney, MoraisNeufville Law Firm, LLC, Immigration Law