Our Formula For Success

At M.C. Thomas & Associates, PC, we are more than D.C. area divorce lawyers, we are also Divorce Strategists. With more than a decade of trial experience handling complex divorce and family law litigation, we understand the importance of developing a customized and comprehensive legal and communications strategy to achieve each client’s individual goals. From our initial consultation through the successful close of your case, we work closely with each client to remain attuned of the client’s goals--both legal and personal, and develop a comprehensive strategy to help the client achieve them. Our partnership with our clients often does not end with the final divorce decree. There is life after divorce, and it is our goal to ensure that you live the best life possible once your divorce or family law issue concludes. Our clients are more than just “cases” to us. We take our job as your strategic partner seriously, and take the steps we believe are necessary to achieve the best possible results.