Child Custody & Visitation

Whether you are divorced, legally separated, or have never been married, the future of your children is one of the most important yet emotional decisions you will have to face. A tremendous amount of stress and anxiety usually affect all parties involved, making this a difficult time for you and your family. That is why we make it our mission at M.C. Thomas & Associates to ease the discomfort and uncertainty that custody and visitation matters often involve.

The courts consider several factors that impact its decision on awarding child custody. Some of the factors include the child's age, gender, physical and mental health, the parent’s physical and mental health, the parent’s role in the child’s upbringing, the special needs of the child, the parent's ability to provide the basic necessities, such as food, shelter, clothing, and medical care, and more. The most important consideration, however, is best interest of the child. We advise our clients to focus on the best interest of the children at all times throughout the litigation because ultimately, the court’s decision will rest on this factor. We incorporate the use of psychologists, guardian ad litems, custody evaluators and other experts during our representation to ensure that your children’s future falls in good hands.

At our firm, we listen intently to your concerns and goals, then devise a comprehensive strategy to help achieve the custody and visitation arrangement that you believe to be in your child’s best interest. We communicate your options to you, and together, devise a strategy to maximize the likelihood of success. Your children’s future is too important not to choose a family law firm that puts your children first. Call our Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland divorce lawyers today to discuss your important family law matters.