Contempt Proceedings

Contempt proceedings are utilized when a party willfully violates a court order. Common reasons to file a petition for contempt of court relate to the failure to pay child support, failure to abide by visitation terms, and the failure to pay alimony. However, anytime a party does not comply with a court order intentionally, he or she may be at risk for being held in contempt of court. When a Court finds that a party has willfully violated an Order of the Court, then sanctions are often imposed against the offending party, including but not limited to paying the other side’s attorney’s fees, paying past due support amounts with interest. In some instances, a repeated offender may be sentenced to jail time for failing to pay child support. In other words, contempt proceedings should not be taken lightly. Whether you are seeking to collect on past due support or otherwise enforce an order, or are defending against allegations of contempt, we will fight for you.