Mediation, ADR & Collaborative Divorce

Divorce and child custody battles can be contentious and draining, both emotionally and financially. That’s why we offer alternative ways to resolve disputes that help clients avoid the traditional path of litigation, often referred to as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). ADR methods aid in reducing tension in your case and settle cases outside of court. These methods include Collaborative Divorce, Mediation, and Court-ordered ADR. Attorney Michelle C. Thomas is a Certified Collaborative Divorce Lawyer, experienced in mediation, and ADR. When you consult with divorce lawyers of M.C. Thomas & Associates, PC, ask us about our mediation and ADR services, and we will review each option with you to help you decide whether ADR or litigation makes the most sense for your case.

After Litigation Commences, We Can Still Help You Settle Your Case and Avoid Trial

Just because your case starts by filing a Complaint in court does not mean it has to end there. Often, whether for strategic reasons or otherwise, one of the parties will file a Complaint for Divorce or Custody as soon as legally permissible. Whether you have been served with “divorce papers” or a custody complaint, or have decided to file one yourself, you can still utilize mediation or ADR to settle your case and avoid a costly, stressful trial down the road. We make it our mission to resolve your case as swiftly and precisely as possible, with the best outcome available. Rest assured, however, that when your interests will not be protected or best served through settlement, M.C. Thomas & Associates has experienced trial lawyers ready to aggressively litigate your case. At the core, we are trial lawyers, and believe that the best way to achieve the best settlement is to show that you are ready to go to trial, if necessary. Call us today to discuss which option is best for you.